Monday, March 17, 2008

Negativity Meme

I was tagged by Chris at Stuff as Dreams are Made on to do Dewey's Negativity Meme so here goes...

1. When you dislike a book, do you say so in your blog? Why or why not?
Yes I do say so on my blog if I don't like a book. My blog is my thoughts and opinions on things, my chance to rave about something great or vent about something crap and I feel no need to censor my feelings if I don't enjoy a book/film/game etc. It would only really be lying to myself as that is essentially who I write this for.

2. Do you temper your feelings about books you didn’t like, so as not to completely slam them? Why or why not?
Luckily I haven't yet read a book that I could not take something positive from, no matter how tiny, so I haven't had to completely slam something. I think I would do it if it was deserving, but I would try to critise it constructively and say what I didn't like about it and why. Not everyone has the same tastes and there are some genres I just can't get into which others may love, so I would be a little careful in my phrasing to allow others to make up their own minds.

3. What do you think is the best way to respond when you see a negative review about a book you enjoyed?
I sometimes comment saying that I really enjoyed that book and why, but that I can see their point of view. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and as long as you aren't attacking what they say, I don't see a problem with disagreeing.

4. What is your own most common reaction when you see a negative review of a book you loved or a positive review of a book you hated?
A positive review of a book I hated is more interesting as it sometimes makes me re-evaluate the book for myself and perhaps see things a different way. This might not change my overall opinion, but it might open me up to other books the author has written or something like that. Negative reviews of books I liked ar fine, I like a few authors that people have gone off in later books (Anne Rice especially). I know what I like and if others don't agree that's ok as long as they aren't being mean to me about my tastes!

5. What is your own most common reaction when you get a comment that disagrees with your opinion of a book?
Usually it makes me double check my opinion, is this really what I think, yes well ok then! Like I said I don't mind if people think differently to me (it's good to encourage independent thought!), just as long as it isn't expressed by saying I am crap and have no idea what I am talking about etc.

6. What if you don’t like a book that was a free review copy? What then?
I have only been given one free copy of a book to review to date and I really enjoyed it luckily. I think though honesty would always win out for me. I might be a little more generous overall, but ultimately if I don't like something why lie about it.

7. What do you do if you don’t finish a book? Do you review it or not? If you review it, do you mention that you didn’t finish it?
It is so rare that I don't finish a book. I would probably just mention it and say I didn't finish it and why but not review it properly. It would also depend on how far into the book I had read before abandoning it.

This meme is floating around a few blogs at the moment so consider yourself tagged if you are reading this and haven't completed it yet :)


Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

I agree that sometimes if I see a positive review of a book I disliked it will make me think about different aspects of the book than maybe I initially did. It's been interesting reading everyone's thoughts on "negativity"

Ana S. said...

I agree with pretty much everything you said. There is no point on censoring our feelings and lying to ourselves and to others. But of course that phrasing things tactfully is always a good idea.