Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer

Rating : 3.5/5
Number of Pages : 628
Number in Series : #3 Twilight
Reason for Reading : Series Reading Challenge, to continue reading the series

Bella is back with vampire boyfriend Edward, but is continually having to choose between him and her best friend and werewolf Jacob Black. Both are manipulating her to try to get one up on each other and Bella can't help but to love them both. She seems set on being with Edward for all eternity by becomming a vampire after graduation. His condition is that she will marry him and hers is that he will sleep with her while she is still human.

Victoria and The Volturi are a lingering threat as a rash of killings in nearby Seattle rises which look to be the work of a newborn vampire or vampires. Alice's visions are unpredictable and it looks like someone has found a way around them undetected. Could someone be assembling a vampire army? More is revealed about Jasper's past which suggests that this is true and it was interesting to learn more about Rosalie and how she came to be with the Cullens.

I didn't like it as much as the earlier books in the series, although it was still very enjoyable. I think it was because Edward was so possessive at the start of the novel and controlling of Bella not letting her make her own decisions. I also felt too much time was spent on Bella being torn between the two males in her life when the action was so much more interesting. Alice is definitely my favourite character and each book she becomes more so.

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Q said...

This book was far too racy for me. I liked it, but at parts I was thinking, "WHOA! Too much information!"

Alice is my favorite too. She and Jasper are the only reasons I'm going to read the next one.

Kailana said...

Alice is my favourite too. I still haven't managed to read this entire book yet. One of these days.

Andi said...

I'm team Jacob all the way! I'd love for him to be my space heater. hehehehe

I have this book perched atop my entertainment center right now, and I'm terribly tempted to re-read the whole series over Spring Break. I'll keep myself in check, though, and focus on the mountains of unread books on my stacks.

Rhinoa said...

Q - I am sorry you found it too racy, I think the next one might be more so. I thought it was fine personally as they still haven't actually slept together and it was mostly just descriptions of kissing, but it's all about personal experience.

Kailana - I hope you get around to finishing it. I hope there is more from Alice in the final installment Breaking Dawn.

Andi - Yeah I prefer Jacob as well (I loved the space heater bit!). Maybe re-read the whole lot when the last book comes out later in the year.