Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jumper - Film

Rating : 3.0/5
Genre : Action Adventure
Director : Doug Liman

An action film following David Rice (Hayden Christensen) who at 15 first "jumps" through space. He is drowning in a frozen lake and suddenly reappears in the local library soaking wet ruining the stacks. His home life is less than great so he decides to run away. He realises he needs a photo to concentrate his jump sites or to have visited a place in person to be able to visualise where he needs to jump to. He gets money jumping into bank vaults and leaving IOU notes leading the mysterious religious group of Paladins after him. Their job is to kill Jumpers who are an anomoloy to God who is the only one who should be in all places at all times.

He spends some time with his old crush Millie (Rachel Bilson) trying to be her boyfriend without telling her the truth. While he takes her to Rome (via airplane this time), another jumper introduces himself as Griffin (Jamie Bell form Billy Elliot) and they form a temporary alliance against the Paladins and in particaulr Roland (Samuel L Jackson) who is particularly fearsome and good at his job.

There are a couple of side plots involving David's mother who left when he was 5 and the ending sets it up nicely for a sequel. I enjoyed this movie overall as a bit of light fun. The action was fast and the different locations were beautifully shot. It wasn't great though and won't be winning any oscars. Why some people can jump isn't explained at all and Hayden Christensen is pretty wooden in his role. Jamie Bell on the other hand is much better and his character much more in control of things. I would recommend seeing it at the cinema if you can due to the scale of some of the shots.


Literary Feline said...

I am considering seeing this particular movie, but it will probably be on DVD since hubby has no interest in it. We went to the theater yesterday and saw There Will Be Blood.