Thursday, January 17, 2008

Seeing Redd - Frank Beddor

Rating : 4.5/5
Number of Pages : 384
Number in Series : #2 The Looking Glass Wars Series
Reason for Reading : What's in a Name Challenge, to continue the trilogy

The second book in The Looking Glass Wars trilogy sees Alyss putting Wonderland back in order after the disappearence of Redd and The Cat at the end of the first book. The re-building is coming along well and peace is slowly being restored to the Queendom. Things are not quite what they seem however, King Arch of the Boarderlands is plotting against Wonderland and using the Diamond clan to further his purposes. He is against woman ruling and generally sees woman as beneath men and unimportant. His plans at present focus around Alyss's young bodyguard Homburg Molly and her unknown connection to Milliner Hatter Madigan.

Meanwhile on Earth a painter keeps finding dark blotches in his new paintings, which on closer inspection appear to be a woman and cat. He can't get rid of them and they keep getting bigger and bigger until one day they escape from the canvas into the world. Redd immediately starts recruiting for her new army among Wondlandians who were exiled for practising Black Imagination and those on earth who possess special talents. Her goal is to re-take Wonderland and regain her Queenship.

I really enjoyed this sequel and am looking forward to the third in the series being published. This one was not so focused on battle scenes and focused more on the supporting characters like Molly, Hatter, Arch and Arch's bodyguards Blister and Ripkins. It ended on a real cliff hanger with everything in place for the final installment.


Kim L said...

This book sounds really interesting. I never really liked the Alice in Wonderland movies (Disney ones), I though they were way too creepy and they kind of scared me as a kid. But this series sounds like a good read. I will have to add it to my tbr pile. Yay, just checked my library has this book!

Ana S. said...

This series sounds so cool. I love the feeling of finding a new series to love. I'm going to have to read these soon!