Friday, January 18, 2008

Ironside - Holly Black

Rating : 4/0/5
Number of Pages : 323
Number in Series : #3 Modern Tales of Faerie
Reason for Reading : Series Challenge, to complete this trilogy

The sequel to Tithe featuring some of the main characters from Valiant. Roiben is being crowned King of the Unseelie Court and Kaye, his Pixie girlfriend, takes it upon herself to declare herself to him at his coronation leading to being sent on a quest to become his consort. Roiben decides to send her on an impossible quest as he doesn't want her dragged into the torments of Court life; to find a faery who can tell a lie (impossible, no faery can lie). Kaye also decides it is time to tell her mother the truth about her, that she is a changeling and the real Kaye was stolen away by the faeries and replaced with her. To make things right Kaye tried to hunt down the original Kaye to return to her mother.

Comlications arise from the Seelie Court Queen, Silarial, who wants to rule both Courts as well as have Roiben back under her control. She will stop at nothing to obtain her goals and use whomever neccessary for her own ends including trying to find out Roiben's true name and gain control over him forever. Kaye and Corny enlist the help of Luis who has the true sight to complete both quests but end up tangled up further in the dangerous Court life.

I really enjyoed this book in the series, it was perhaps my favourite developing the characters from the first two books further. I liked that it didn't have a sickly sweet happy ending, the whole series has been like that though with violence, bad language, sex and drug abuse. I still don't recommend this for under 16s, although this one is the most accessible of the three.


Ana S. said...

I am one of the few people who's yet to read any books in this series. Tithe did catch my eye at the library the other day, so... maybe soon. The series does sound interesting.

Jill said...

I have enjoyed this series a lot - it's an interesting juxtaposition, the gritty, dark realistic details with the fantastical faerie realms, and it works well, making both worlds utterly believable. Plus I love the characters!

Clare said...

I've had this on my TBR for quite a while so will get round to it soon, sounds good!