Wednesday, December 26, 2007

St Trinian's - Film

Rating : 2.5/5

The new remake of the St Trinian's with a whole host of British actors. St Trinian's is a school for girls, but the girls are no ordinary girls. They learn gambling odds, brew their own alcohol and think nothing of cheating in tests to say the least. They are girls usually though of as ungovernable by all other schools.

When new girl Annabell Fritton (neice of the headmistress) joins St Trinian's, it isn't quite what she expected coming from a well known school for girls. She struggles to find her feet after being broadcast naked on U-Tube from the shower room and fit in with the other girls. They all have to band together however when the school faces closure due to bankruptcy and Annabell's father is trying to seel the school to make a quick profit.

Lots of famous english faces pop up like Lily Cole (model) as one of the school girls, Colin Firth as education minister, Rupert Everett as the headmistress and her brother, Russell Brand as Flash Harry and Stephen Fry holding a quiz. Even American Mischa Barton pops up as the previous Head Girl to offer advice to the newer students. I did find this film pretty rubbish however. It started really strong for the first 20mins with the random pranks the girls pulled at school. The best being the headmistress talking about "the special relationship between teachers and pupils" at the school when the camera focused outside the window showing a teacher driving a tractor pulling along a student attached to a piece of rope behind it. Another was the Religious Education class that was having an Easter practical with a girl attached to the blackboard in the shape of a cross. The best line was "it's like Hogwarts for Pikeys!", but sadly the writers then tried to inject more of a plot involving a heist and it all fell apart. It would have been much better filled with pranks and funny situations without burdening it with a story...