Saturday, December 01, 2007

Graphic Novel Challenge

Dewey at The Hidden Side of a Leaf has suggested this challenge that looks really interesting. Details are here. As I love graphic novels and have lots waiting to be read this should be a lot of fun. The challenge is to read at least 6 throughout 2008 and my list is:

1) Sandman Preludes and Nocturnes v1 - Neil Gaiman
2) Sandman v2 The Doll's House - Neil Gaiman
3) Fables Storybook Love v3 - Bill Willingham
4) Fables March of the Wooden Soldiers v4 - Bill Willingham
5) Emily the Strange Lost Dark and Boring v1 - Cosmic Debris
6) Gloom Cookie v1 - Serena Valentino
7) Gloom Cookie v2 - Serena Valentino
8) Nightmares and Fairy Tales : Once Upon a Time v1 - Serena Valentino
9) Nightmares and Fairy Tales : Beautiful Beasts v2 - Serena Valentino
10) Persepolis Complete Edition - Marjane Satrapi


chrisa511 said...

Awesome list! I'm thinking of adding Fables to my list as an alternate based on your reviews of it. It sounds like something that I'd love.

Stephanie said...

Great list!! I'm with Chris. I was thinking about picking up Fables too. Can't wait to see what you think about it!

Literary Feline said...

I need to go through my stacks and see which ones I want to read for this challenge. I'm looking forward to it.

Ana S. said...

yay, I'm glad you're joining too. I should have added Fables 3 and 4 to my list. Perhaps as extras... I have a feeling I'll end up with a lot of extras. I think you'll enjoy Gloom Cookie, and we'll both enjoy Nightmares and Fairy Tales. Like you said, it will be fun to compare notes.

Andi said...

I hope you enjoy those Fables installments as much as I did!

Renay said...

I'm reading The Sandman, too. I have one on the list, but I hope I like it enough to continue.

So many are reading Fables! I'm tempted to add it on to my list.