Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Foxmask - Juliet Marillier

Rating : 5.0/5
Number in Series : #2 in Children of the Light Isles series
Reason for Reading : TBR Challenge, Series Challenge

Set about 17 years after Wolfskin, Foxmask follows Nessa and Eyvind's daughter Creidhe and Margaret's son by Somerled, Thorvald. Thorvald believes his father to be Ulf, his mothers dead husband, so it comes as quite a shock when she finally tells him the truth. It was in fact Somerled who had killed his brother Ulf and been bannished from the Light Isles. He plans to go in search of Somerled with his friend Sam who is a fisherman with his own boat. Creidhe is in love with Thorvald who sees her only as a friend and she stows away in the boat secretly when they leave.

They sail to The Lost Isles which are ruled by Asgrim in a war with the Unspoken. One of the Asgrims tribe stole the Unspokens seer Foxmask and in punnishment the Unspoken sing away the souls of all the newborn babies before they see their second sunrise. Foxmask is being held captive on the Isle of Clouds protected by The Fools Tide which is only passable once a year during The Hunt. The tribes lose many men in The Hunt every year, but it is their only option until Thorvald, Sam and Credhe arrive to change everything.

Each of the three changes in the Isles. Sam finds a new hardness, Thorvald a father and respect from the islanders and Credhe completes her Journey and finds a love she never imagined. I loved this novel, it reminded me how much I love this author. Creidhe was my favourite character, I loved the idea of her embroidery and the many stories it encompassed. It was filled with magic, love, loss and cruelty. Highly recommended.


Annie the Superfast Reader said...

these sound great--I liked the sevenwaters trilogy. thanks for reviewing!

Ana S. said...

These really do sound great. She's one of those authors I always wanted to read, so I'm glad you picked her for our challenge.

Rhinoa said...

Annie - If you liked the Sevenwaters books you will definitely enjoy this series as well. It's more Norse than Celtic, but has a lot of similar elements.

Nymeth - I hope you really enjoy Daughter of the Forest and are inspired to read the rest of the series and then her other ones too!

Melody said...

I have seen this book around but just haven't picked it up yet. I enjoyed the Sevenwaters trilogy though!

Clare said...

This sounds fantastic, Juliet is one opf my fave authors I've read Wolfskin so not sure whats taken me so long so will read this after the Viking series.