Monday, December 31, 2007

Felidae - Akif Pirincci

Rating : 3.0/5
Number in Series : #1 Felidae series
Reason for Reading : Four-Legged Friends Challenge

Francis is a curious, logical cat (aren't they all?!). When he and his owner Gustav move into a new dilapidated building, Francis finds a dead brother cat in his new territory. This "cold-sack" has been murdered and contrary to popular cat belief, he doesn't think it was by a tin-opener. This turns out to have not been the first murder and on closer examination Francis finds out that the brother died in a state of sexual excitement (a common theme it turns out). This connection sets Francis off in detective mode and things become more complicated when a pregnant female cat is later murdered confusing things.

Underlying the murders seems to be tales of Claudandus and human scientist Professor Julius Preterius. Preterius was conducting scientific experiements on cats to find the composition of a new surgical glue that will be highly advantageous for both humans and animals if he succeeds. unfortunately his efforts fail apart from on a random stray he finds one day and adopts called Claudandus. The story goes that poor Claudandus then became the subject for more and more experiments and one day his prayers were answered. God struck down Preterius and Claudandus was able to ascend with God as a martyr. Or did he...

It was quite unsettling in places reading about the experiments on the cats and the frightening nature of Francis's dreams. I did enjoy it though and it worked well as a thriller adding many twists and turns along the way. I did manage to mostly crack the case as I have some genetics knowledge which helped, but there were definitely some surprises left at the end. I will keep an eye out for the sequel, Felidae on the Road.


Ana S. said...

This sounds like a fun book, and I am always interested in a story with a cat as a main character. Congratulations on finishing the Four-Legged Friends challenge!