Saturday, December 01, 2007

Rating : 2.5/5
Reason for Reading : Picked up this graphic novel in the library as it looked interesting

Michael Smith's life is nothing out of the ordinary. On tuesdays he wears his blue socks and grey underwear, he counts his bath towels and has sex with his girlfriend Sandra. One tuesday however, his life changes forever when supervillian "The Head" appears and starts sucking peoples brains out of their nose. To further astonishment, his childhood comic book superhero Enigma appears to track down The Head and stop the killings. Things don't stop after The Head as supervillian The Truth appears to cause even more chaos and provide an even bigger challenge to Enigma.

An extremely surreal adventure where Michael tries to figure out his connection with Enigma. He ends up enlisting the help of the comic book writer who originally created Enigma, Titus Bird. Enigma only ran for 3 issues and Enigma soon starts to follow new paths seperate from the original comic and new supervillians appear. Titus also has to fend off the "Enigmatics" who treat him like a prophet and belive his comics to be complete truth with hidden messages.

It was a very sexual graphic novel without being explicit (I am guessing the author is gay?). I did enjoy it, but ultimately found it a little too pretentious playing up to comic book cliches. It was also a little overly confusing although I did like the twists it took for the most part. I am usually very good at guessing who and what is going on, but this time I was dead wrong which made for a nice change.


Ana S. said...

I really like the cover, and the premise sounds interesting too. It's too bad it wasn't as good as it could have been. Still, it does sound worth picking up if I find it at the library.