Sunday, December 09, 2007

5 Things Randomness

I was tagged by Stephanie at Stephanie's Confessions of a Book-A-Holic:

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. I think I was coming up to my first christmas at my first year at university
2. I was working two part-time jobs in the christmas holidays a total of 19 hours a day which nearly killed me!
3. It was possibly one of the two times in my life I have been single
4. I think my hair was probably jet black still (how I miss my black hair, when I get bored of red I am definitely going back to having dark hair and never going back to my natural blond again bah)
5. My favourite band was I think Metallica still

5 Things on my T0-Do List today:
1. Sleep
2. Post my secret santa gift. I know I am a day late, I intended to post it before I went to Prague but I managed to lock myself out of my house like an idiot and didn't get back in until after the post office had closed. The next day we both overslept and we had to really rush to make our plane so it had to wait until this morning sorry. I am assured I haven't missed the last day for international post to get to the USA in time for christmas (in case you need to know it's Monday 10th this year from the UK) so it should be fine.
3. Sleep more
4. Motivate myself to go out in the evening for a friend's birthday (remember card and gift as well as tarot cards)
5. Sleep even more

5 Things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. Buy a bigger house with a dedicated proper old school library with wooden book shelves and a ladder that moves around the room on wheels
2. Hire a cleaner so I don't have to pretend I do any
3. Go on at least a year long trip around the world
4. Buy a PS3 (I know it's not that expensive but I wouldn't need to justify it if I had tonnes of money!)
5. Spend lots of money building a My Little Pony army to help me in my bid to take over the world and start making the vintage 80s ones again. In fact I would use my MLP army to only broadcast 80s cartoons and TV shows and make all the old toys again like Flower Fairies, original Transformers and Keepers

5 Things I'll never wear again (or have never worn):
1. A school uniform (I doubt I will be dressing up as a St Trinian any time soon...)
2. A waistcoat (shudder)
3. Leg warmers
4. Lipstick (possibly not never but highly likely, it annoys my lips and I hate wearing it. I can't even remember the last time I did unless you count lip gloss on my wedding day) and foundation (only once on my wedding day as well)
5. Ballet shoes

5 Favorite Toys:
This is hard as I love my toys and gadgets!
1. My Nintendo DS, it has all the best games on it as I can play all the old school gameboy games on it too
2. My Little Pony Castle, you wave a magic wand over part of it and it grows 3 stories and ends up being 2ft tall, how cool is that?!
3. My new Rainbow Brite bag, it's so kitch I love it
4. Mini Morg who is a cuddly cat toy that looks exactly like my cat Morgaine. As Morgaine is pretty tiny they are about the same size and I always sleep cuddling one or both of them
5. My Buddy Christ which I can't find at the moment from Dogma, yay for Kevin Smith!

I am cheating and tagging anyone else who hasn't done this yet...


Literary Feline said...

I hope you had a nice time at your friend's party.

We at my house like Kevin Smith too. :-)

Melody said...

Enjoyed reading your answers, Rhinoa! I was tagged with this meme too, hehe...

Ana S. said...

Don't worry about the Secret Santa package. Those things happen. I am surprised I have never locked myself outside my house, actually, as it is just the kind of thing I tend to do :P

You went to Prague? How cool! It's one of those places I really want to visit.

I fully approve of your MLP army and your plans of world domination :P