Sunday, September 30, 2007

Superbad - Film

Rating : 3.0/5

Written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg it follows them during their last few weeks in high school. They are best friends but have got into different collages so this is their remaining time together before everything changes. They are both nerdy types and have crushes on hot girls (Seth on Jules and Evan on Becca). When their sort of friend Fogell gets a fake Hawaian ID with the name McLovin (no first name...) on it they get asked to bring the alcohol to Jules house party. They are finally in with the girls, this is their final chance to get them before they go off to college.

Things become complicated when the liqour store Fogell is buying the alcohol from gets robbed. Two incompetent policemen show up (played by Seth Rogan and Bill Hader) and take him with them to look into some other crimes via getting drunk in a bar and shotting at stop signs. Meanwhile Seth and Evan figure Fogell is being arrested for using a fake ID so have to fine a new way to get booze. So begins a serious of random events involving a party, a girl on her period and Evan being mistaken for a singer.

It was quite a funny film although very stupid in places too. I really liked Evan, he had a better set of morals than Seth. McLovin was mostly just nerdy, but his relationship with the cops was quite funny. Not as good as the hype, but it certainly wasn't the worst film. There was a little more to it than the usual teen gross out comedy, but not enough for me. A little too crude perhaps.


soleil said...

joe saw this movie and loved it. i'll wait til it comes out on video to see it.