Friday, August 10, 2007

Rating : 4.0/5
Number in Series : #3 in Balefire series
Reason for Reading : I really liked the first two books in this series

Book three in the Balefire series again mostly follows Clio and Thais. They are becoming closer after being separated at birth, Thais is becoming stronger and Clio is losing some of her earlier arrogance. Things between Richard and Clio have become more complicated and Thais is still dating non-witch Kevin. Luc is very much still in the background with both girls, despite what he did they are both still drawn to him.

More attempts are made on both of their lives throughout this book and it is revealed who was responsible (at least for the earlier efforts) again them. They also try combining their magic again which works, but is still immensley powerful. The final two members Marcel and Claire of the Treize arrive in New Orleans and Daedalus starts to put the final touches to the rite they are there to perform. In the meantime Clio starts to use a little dark magic to stop him ever taking her power without her consent again.

It ends up with them all recreating the rite that started it all. Most of the members are casting spells on the side for their own unknown reasons and it is not one of the twins who is sacrificed this time. I really liked this book, as much as the first. The pace was fast and the twists and turns were unexpected. I am glad they still mentioned their father and the fact that no one ever talks about their mother which I think was important. I can't wait to read the last in the series and see how it all ties up...


heather (errantdreams) said...

This series definitely sounds like an interesting read! It's gone on my wishlist after reading your blog.

Rhinoa said...

Thanks Heather. Let me know what you think when you have read them!