Monday, July 09, 2007

I am putting my list up now as well so I can get started. I have a bunch of challenges running at the moment so need to get going... There are lots of books I want to read on the list, but am going to start with just 5. I figure if I have time I can add more as I go along.

A Short History of Nearly Everything - Bill Bryson (Raidergirl)
To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee (Stephanie and Janet)
The Polysyllabic Spree - Nick Hornby (Athena)
Chocolat - Joanne Harris (Chasida, Margo who I have know online for a few years now. She raves about this book so I really want to read it and she why she likes it so much)
Genome - Matt Ridley (Juli)

Others I hope to read eventually:

The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova (Heidijane, Maryanne, A Book in the Life)
Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck (Kookiejar)
The Memory Keepers Daughter - Kim Edwards (3M)
Twilight - Stephanie Meyer (Suey)
The Amulet of Samakand - Jonathan Stroud (Suey)
The Poisonwood Bible - Barbara Kingsolver (Bookworm)
Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold (Chasida)
Crime and Punnishment - Fyoder Dostoyevsky (JMC)
Number the Stars - Lois Lowry (Booklogged)
The Giver - Lois Lowry (Sarah Miller)
Inkheart - Cornelia Funke (SheReads)
A Suitable Boy - Vikrum Seth (Lucca)
Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury (Faith)
The Iliad - Homer (Alyson)
A Tiger in the Well - Phillip Pullman (Valentina)
The Secret Life of Bees - Sue Monk Kid (Ennavic)
Mrs Dalloway - Virginia Woolf (Trish)
My Sisters Keeper - Jodi Picoult (Trish)

Books on the list I have already read:

Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
Bridget Jones' Diary - Helen Fielding
The Never Ending Story - Michael Ende
The Red Tent - Anita Diamante
The Bell Jar - Slyvia Plath
I, Elizabeth - Rosalind Miles
The World according to Garp - John Irving
The Other Boleyn Girl - Phillippa Gregory
Christ the Lord - Anne Rice
Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - JK Rowling
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austin
Gone with the Wind - Margaret Mitchell
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone - JK Rowling
The Time Travllers Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
Peper Pan - JM Barrie
Anna Karenina - Leo Tolsty
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Roald Dahl
The Robber Bride - Margaret Atwood
Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov
Anna Frank: Diary of a young girl
Charlottes Web - EB White
Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier
The Naughtiest Girl in School - Enid Blyton

I have read a lot it seems!


The Bookworm said...

hi Rhinoa, cant wait to read Chocolat myself.

How was 'Wuthering Heights'?
I want to read it as well. For some reason I think it may be a bit like Gone With the Wind.

DesLily said...

I just came over from Chris's blog.. wow.. you have quite a list! lol..
As far as YA books go, you won't get any better than Cornelia Funke! Once you read Inkheart I bet you go right out and get books 2 of Inkspell!