Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rating : 5/5
Reason for reading : Something About Me Challenge and he is my favourite author

This is the first of two books (I got the American versions as it has only just been published in the UK in one edition but I couldn't wait that long!) by Nick Hornby which collect his essays from an American magazine called "The Believer". He keeps track every month of the books he has bought as well as those he has read. There are mini reviews within his essays as well as some excerpts from books he has read that month along the way.

What can I say, I LOVED this book! It's perfect for me, it's a book about books by one of my all time favourite authors so what's not to love?!? I love his writing style, very funny and insightful. It was interesting to learn a little more about his life in general. I knew one of his sons was autistic (I only found out recently though through buying another book he has edited "Speaking with the Angels") and that he is part of an organisation in the UK called Treehouse related to this, but it was intersting to hear his take on the books on autism out there and little details of his son.

The other good things about this book was I got some great recommendations on books for me as well as a book I want to buy my dad's wife for her birthday on a week or two. He also gave great validation for buying so many books, he confesses to not listing all the books he buys as some months it's an obscene number! He includes a great quote from Gabriel Zaid's "So Many Books":
"the truely cultured are capable of owning thousands of unread books without losing their composure or their desire for more."

I can't wait to read the next one. Thanks Athena for giving me a push towards getting around to reading this!


Ana S. said...

I love his writing style too. I need to read more of his work. This sounds a bit similar to 31 songs, but with books, no? It really sounds like something I would like.

Rhinoa said...

I haven't read 31 Songs yet, but I imagine it is a similar premise. Yes you should try and find time to read some more of his work. Maybe next year we can set each other our own challenge and pick 3 books the other hasn't read by authors we love to read?

Ana S. said...

Yes! We really should do that, it'd be great :)

Athena said...

*big grin* I'm glad you loved it. I love the author too and have read all but one of Hornby's books now. He really is an awesome writer that seems perfect for hard core readers like us. The second one is just as good. I was very tempted to take out "The Believer" subscription just for this, but hopefully they'll print more of his essays.