Friday, July 13, 2007

Rating : 3.5 out of 5

I wasn't sure about going to see this film as it was my least favourite of the books so far, but I am glad I did. This film follows Harry and his friends as the Ministry of Magic interfers in Hogwarts after they claim He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named is not back contrary to the events of Goblet of Fire. Voldermort is after a prediction that was made linking him and Harry which he believes will give him an idea of how to destroy Harry once and for all.

I enjoyed the film mostly much more than the book. I think what put me off the book was that Harry was very miserable and was very bratty! The film didn't focus on that side of his character quite so much. Imelda Staunton is fantasitc as Dolores Umbridge, very pink and very scary. How she can keep that smile on her face whilst torturing the children is beyond me. Evanna Lynch was also great as Luna "Loopy" Lovegod, she was perfect for the part. Quite zoned out and whacky. The action scenes were great as well, the final battle was so sad and the duel between Dumbledore and Voldermort spectacular.

The downsides were that it missed out a few very important aspects of the book. It was a few years ago that I read it, but I remember loving the idea that Voldemorts nemisis could have been either Harry or Neville (revealed by the prediction I think?). Neville really grew as a character in this book, and sadly the film left pretty much all of this out. Daniel Radcliffe has really grown up in this film, he hasn;t half buffed up! I bet there are lots of teenage girls jealous of his kiss with Cho Chang.


Stephanie said...

I really liked this one! But you are right, it might be my least favorite of the books. Goblet of Fire is still my favorite!

I agree....Luna was fantastic!

Dewey said...

My favorite part of this movie was the girl playing Luna! She was wonderful.

I thought the Department of Mysteries scene worked better on film than in the book. And the scene where the twins ruin the OWLs!

soleil said...

this book was a hard first read and a lot of it had to do with harry's temper but i just re-read it recently and i enjoyed it much more the second time around. i also really enjoyed the movie although it went by really fast, albeit understandably so. . .

Margo. said...

This is my most favourite book of the HP series so far (from the ones I've read.

I liked the movie, but yes they did leave loads out.