Monday, July 09, 2007

Games Update

As part of my 101 things to do in 1001 days challenge I am trying to complete all the console versions of Final Fantasy and Zelda. I am doing much better with Zelda than I am Final Fantasy. To date I have completed:

Zelda : A Link to the Past (SNES)
Zelda : Link's Awakening (GameBoy)
Zelda : Oracle of Seasons (GameBoy)
Zelda : Oracle of Ages (GameBoy)
Zelda : Four Swords (GBA)
Zelda : The Minish Cap (GBA)
Final Fantasy : I and II Dawn of Souls (GBA)

I am playing through:

Zelda : Twilight Princess (wii)

Final Fantasy : III (GBA)
Final Fantasy : V (DS)
Fianl Fantasy : XII (PS2)

Still to go:

Zelda : The Legend of Zelda (NES/GBA)
Zelda : Zelda II (NES/GBA)
Zelda : Links Awakening DX (GameBoy)
Zelda : Ocarina of Time (N64) - played to very close to the end but want to start again from the beginning
Zelda : Majoras Mask (N64)
Zelda : Wind Waker (GC)
Zelda : Phantom Hourglass (DS - not out yet)

Final Fantasy : IV (GBA)
Final Fantasy : VI (GBA)
Final Fantasy : VII (PS)
Final Fantasy : VIII (PS) - nearly completed but will start again as was about 5 years ago!
Final Fantasy : IX (PS)
Final Fantasy : X (PS2)
Final Fantasy : X-2 (PS2)

I am not counting the tie-ins for Final Fantasy although I have completed Kingdom Hearts on the PS2 and have nearly finished the follow up. My favourites are Zelda : A Link to the Past (SNES) and Zelda : Ocarina of Time (N64) as well as Final Fantasy VIII (I know everyone likes VII best but it's good to be different!).


1morechapter said...

My kids love Zelda! They have one Final Fantasy game. I think it's III.

Ana S. said...

No, no, no, not everyone likes VII best! VIII is my all time favourite! My all time favourite game, actually, and one of my all time favourite things in the universe. I am CRAZY about that game!

That is an awesome goal to have. I so need to do the same one of these days.

I have not played Zelda (shame on me, I know), but my boyfriend says Majora's Mask is probably the best. He showed me the beginning once, and I really want to play it.

Happy gaming!

Rhinoa said...

3M - Zelda is great, they might like Minish Cap on the GBA which is quite quirky. You get a magic hat that talks to you and lets you shrink down and talk to the Minish people. Surreal but great fun!

Nymeth - Yay good to see someone else loves it too. I got up to Disk 3 I think, but will start it again when I finish a couple of the ones I am currently playing through. I love the Guardian Force idea in it and it was fun collecting them all. Looking back over the list I realise I have started all of them but never finished them (apart from I and II). As the later ones are about 60 hours of game play each, it may take some playing... Oh and my online name was my version of Rinoa (I like it better with an 'h' in it).

chrisa511 said...

I love Ocarina of Time...that was such a great game. Wind Waker was alot of fun too...that one's very "cute".

Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorites. People worried about me when that game came out become I seemed to just disappear from civilization :p I still haven't played KH2 though. When's FFXIII coming out?! I'm so out of the gaming loop. I hadn't even heard about it!

Rhinoa said...

Chris FF XIII is scheduled in the UK for the end of 2008, but the date will most likely get pushed back... Zelda Phantom Hourglass on the DS has been put back so many times grr. At least it gives me time to save up for a PS3 to be able to play FF XIII!

Ana S. said...

I had wondered if your name came from there :P

I love the GFs too, but the first time I played it I missed Siren just at the start! One has to pay attention. You will love the ending of this game. It's great.

Rhinoa said...

Nymeth - I missed Siren too! When I start it again I will get her hopefully. I want to finish Zelda on the wii before getting back into FF. Can only do one intense game at a time... Will go back to XII and then either VII or VIII.