Saturday, July 07, 2007

Rating : 4/5
Reason for reading : It looked really interesting and the artwork was stunning
Number in series : #1

This is the first graphic novel in a series about Fables. They have escaped their land after being driven out by The Adversary. They are now living in New York amongst the mundane people who don't know their secret.

This set of stories follows the sudden disappearence of Rose Red (Snow White's sister). Her appartment is trashed and covered in blood. Due to "No more happily ever afters" written in blood on the wall, the Fable community believe it was another Fable that is responsible. Bibgy (the Big Bad Wolf) is the detective in charge, who has help from Snow White in looking into the case. The main suspects are Jack (of the Beanstalk fame), Bluebeard, Prince Charming and Snow White herself.

This was a really good story and was beautifully illustrated. I am really looking forward to the next set of stories. I defiantely recommend this to anyone who likes fantasy, folk tales, fairy tales, graphic novels or just a good story!


chrisa511 said...

Everyone's been reading this one! I really need to get it. It sounds great!

I'm watching Dr. Who right now on the Sci-Fi channel here in the US and it makes me jealous of all the great BBC shows that you guys get in the UK ;)

Ana S. said...

I love Fables, even though I've only read the first two issues. This reminds me that I really need to pick up the third!

Rhinoa said...

Chris - I think you will definately love this graphic novel, it will really suit your tastes I think. DR Who is ok, more to my husbands taste, I prefer Red Dwarf with it's great characters.

Nymeth - I have the third book and need to get Animal Farm which is number two. I will definately be reading more in this series.