Saturday, June 02, 2007

This book tells the history of witchcraft from ancient times to modern day. Buckland is Gardnerian in lineage and this has influenced the book considerably. He draws on work by Margaret Murray a lot which was interesting as I have heard contradictory reports of the accuracy of her research and conclusions.

A full chapter was dedicated to the Salam Witch Trials, which focused a little too much on the details of the torture. It was a little sensationalist for my tastes to be honest. I am also not sure you can draw the conclusion that Witchcraft/Wicca are rooted in ancient Pagan traditions. It all seems a bit of a leap to me.

There were some thought provoking points, but generally it wasn't anything new. It dealt more with the American movement and the most enjoyable bit was short essay by Z.Budapest on Dianic/Feminist Wicca. I would suggest reading Triumph of the Moon by Ronald Hutton instead.

** out of 5