Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pole Dancing

One of the things on my 101 things to do in 1001 days list is to take a beginners pole dancing course (for fun and fitness rather than to learn to be a stripper). I have done 5 of my 8 weeks now and tonight I learnt how to go upside down! I am so proud of myself and it took quite a few gos to master. I banged the back of my ankle so badly doing it that it is now swollen and purple despite putting ice on it straight away doh. It was worth it though :)

I carried on with the class and spent the rest of the lesson trying to do the same move with my other leg starting. It's surprisingly difficult to do it on your non-dominant leg. I didn't quite manage it but got close. This means I can now go upside down and slide down as well as climb the pole to the top and touch the ceiling as well as a mixture of other spins and techniques. I can't wait for my bruises to heal for next week and then have a break before doing the intermediate class in September.

I recommend it to anyone trying to get fit who can't face using the machines at the local gym. The teacher is great and the other girls are really cool. We are even going to set up a pole the week after the course finishes in the club I DJ at for an hour or two to show off in front of a crowd (here's hoping I am brave enough...).


dancechica said...

Pole dancing is so much fun! You can read about my pole dancing adventure here. He he. So are you taking classes continuously? I only did it that once but I'd love to continue taking classes. I had such a good time and like you said, it's good exercise.

dancechica said...

Oh doh! You said right there in the beginning that you're taking an 8 week class. My eyes glossed right over that! lol.

Rhinoa said...

Cool, looks like you had lots of fun too! I got my first taste when I did a class as part of my hen-do and loved it.

When we (finally) move I am hoping we have space so I can buy a pole and practise at home. I have so many bruises today and my muscles everywhere ache, but it is so worth it. There is an intermediate course starting in September the day after my birthday so that will be a birthday present for me hopefully :)

dancechica said...

It was a lot of fun! And it's definitely challenging too. I want to take some more classes this summer, it's just I'm hestant to start because the dance studio is so far from where I live that I know I'd eventually begin to slack off. And I really want to start up belly dace again, too (I was taking intermediate courses in that but I've stopped since life got a little busy...) But installing a pole would cool! If I do start taking PD classes, I would definitely like to install a pole so I could practice. lol.

Literary Feline said...

It sure sounds like fun! I've heard pole dancing and belly dancing can be good exercise. Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to try. I have absolutely no dancing ability though. I can shuffle my feet a little, but it still looks absurd. :-) I guess though that appearances aren't really what matter if I'm doing it for exercise and fun.