Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rating : 3.5 out of 5
Reason for Reading : Summer Reading Challenge and recommendations
Number in series : #2 Anita Blake Vampire Hunter

This book focuses more on Anita's job as an Animator. This involves raising the dead as zombies and is used by people to find out how people were murdered, to sort out legal issues with wills and to right wrongs, before laying them to rest again. This story follows on shortly after Guilty Pleasures and has a whole new cast of villians including an out-of-control zombie who is gruesomly killing and eating families, a rich cripple who wants a zombie raising, a powerful voodoo priestess and fellow animator accused of human sacrifice.

Things start to go wrong for Anita when she refuses the vast sum of money offered by Harold Gaynor to raise a 300 year old corpse which would require a human sacrifice (a "white goat"). From there the violence and being chased begins anew. You would think this girl would learn really... I am still a little unconvinced in her writing style when she is talking about Anita. All the "naws" and "shit" are a little annoying, but I do like that the penguins made a reappearence as well as Master Vampire Jean-Claude. The thing I can't quite work out is the difference between an Animator and a Necromancer if there is one.

It was a more gripping read than Guilty Pleasures, but the final monster sounded pretty silly on paper (although it would be a completely different matter if it was coming towards me I am sure!). I still need a little more convincing...