Friday, June 22, 2007

Rating : 3.5/5
Reason for reading : Summer Reading Challenge, recommendation
Number in series : #6 Anita Blake Vampire Hunter

This book again focuses on the relationship between Anita, Richard (alpha werewolf) and Jean-Claude (master vampire) as it becomes more and more complicated. Anita is being worn down by both males regarding her no-sex-before-marriage stand point with sexual tension running high between all three of them. Jean-Claude has said he will step back is Anita still wants Richard after he has killed a rival alpha werewolf and has shape-shifted in front of her. They have also found a way to combine their powers making something far greater than any of them had ever dreamed of.

As always more is going on in the background. Hired killers are after Anita both at home and in public. A new vampire is also in town with his human servant who happens to be a powerful necromancer. The vampire has given up drinking blood because of his love of a woman, but is rotting away in a very disgusting way! Can Anita stay alive long enough to decide between her two boyfriends?

I didn't enjoy this as much as books 3 and 4 in the series. Hamilton is very much set in her style now and it is getting a lot easier to spot who the real bad guys are. The graphic mixture of violence and rape was a little bit much in once scene. I will finish reading the series, but I definately need a break for a while before I get bored with them. Not a patch on Anne Rice!