Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rating : 4.0/5
Reason for reading : Summer Reading Challenge, recommendation
Number in series : #3 Anita Blake Vampire Hunter

This book saw a return to a vampire-focused plot more than the animator side of her work. Jean-Claude is still trying to get Anita to become his human servant and accept his last two marks. This would make the two of them incredibly powerful and would make other vampire masters think twice before challenging him as they have started to. To complicate matters a spate of vampire killings has begun by a potentially rogue vampire master. New-to-town vampire master Alejandro is also trying to make Anita his human servant and he is not afraid to take by forst what Jean-Claude it trying to get her to give up freely...

I enjoyed this book more than the first two and the addition of the immortal lamia was interesting. I had never heard of lamia's before and I hope she appears in further novels in the series. The final showdown seemed a little bit anti-climactic, especially with Oliver who was supposed to be a million years old. One question is annoying me, is the series sponsored by Nike trainers??? Everytime she does something or goes somewhere she reminds us she is wearing Nike and what colour they are. Strange. It was good though to see her having a bit more of a social life outside work and the gym and even dating.


~ames~ said...

Ah...I see you've picked up on one of LKH's quirks. She mentions the Nikes and swooshes a LOT. Also, thigh high leather boots for her men and in later novels, her ability to wear one of her guy friend's clothes...and he hers.

Reading your reviews makes me want to reread this series too. LOL

Rhinoa said...

Haha I will look out for the other references in later books. She also has a thing about telling the reader repeatedly about the guns Anita is carrying as well and their types.

Clare said...

I have to read this series soon, I have the big 3-in-1 omnibus which weighs a ton lol