Friday, June 29, 2007


Today’s question is suggested by Carrie.
What’s the most desperate thing you’ve read because it was the only available reading material?
If it was longer than a cereal box or an advertisement, did it turn out to be worth your while?

I used to read cereal packets and adverts when I had nothing else to read, especially over breakfast when it was too hard to hold and book and eat a bowl of cereal without splashing milk all over it! Since then the most desperate I have been was to borrow a book from someone in the office at work. I had finished mine on the train on the way over (The Pact by Jodi Picoult) and wanted something to read on the way home (it was an hour and a half journey). A lady upstairs had a book she wasn't reading called "Costa del Crime" by Wensley Clarkson which looked awful but I had no other options. The tagline on it was "scoring coke, hustling cash and getting laid - the true story of Spain's hottest coast" which gives you a good idea of what it was about...

I have to say it was dreadful! It was like car-crash reading and I just had to finish it, which was the worst part as it was horribly compelling. It was sensationalist crap, stuff of The Sun or News of the World. I felt slightly better having only borrowed it as a last resport and not having paid money for it.


Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

I loved The Pact. Hey, coke, cash, and getting laid sounds good to me. :) Justkidding. That sounds like a book a read a few years ago called "The Neon Mirage." The book itself was good (about Bugsy and the makings of Vegas), but the sex scenes were horrible!! I kept thinking, "Only a teenage boy would think this way!" OH well.

chrisa511 said...

Haha! Hilarious...Costa del Crime..I'll have to keep that one on the do not read list...don't think that will be a problem.

Alice said...

Avoid "Costa del Crime" at all cost(a). LOL.

Ana S. said...

lol! I don't think I've ever been that desperate :P Usually if I have to face a train rain or a long wait without a book my mp3 player saves me... I just listen to music and look out the window.

I will avoid Costa del Crime at all cost indeed :P