Monday, June 18, 2007

Rating : 4.5/5
Reason for reading : Summer Reading Challenge, recommendation
Number in series : #5 Anita Blake Vampire Hunter

This time Anita travels outside her home town of St Louis but stays within Missouri to help a client raise a hill-full of 200 year old dead zombies to settle a land dispute. The area has been ploughed by diggers mixing up the bodies whose names are not even known, making her task even more difficult than it would be. Alongside this the bodies of three teenage boys are found nearby, killed by a vampire and slashed with a sword. A teenage girl is then found, again killed by a vampire, in her bedroom. Looks like it will be a busy week for Ms Blake...

I enjoyed this book a lot. Bringing in the fey worked well and having a paeophile vampire was suitably disturbing to say the least. Expanding Larry's character was also a plus, I am wondering what he will turn out to be as he has been declared not human either like Anita. He is not a necromancer though like her so that will be interesting later on. The sexual tension between Anita and Jean-Claude continues to build (will she manage to keep her no-sex-before-marriage vow or no-sex-with-the-dead vow? Which is more important to her now?) which will be interesting in the next book.

The ending was really well written and without leading directly into the next book, definately hooks the reader in to see what happens next.


Literary Feline said...

I see you have become hooked on the series too now. :-)

Rhinoa said...

Yeah I have been a bit! Am going to have a break after book 6 (just over half-way through now) for a while, but will definately go back and finish the series off.