Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Zodiac- Film

This was a film following the on-going case to find the real life "Zodiac" killer who began his killing spree in America in the 1960's. It stars Jake Gyllenhal as comic strip artist Robert Greysmith who refused to give up searching for the killer, Robert Downey Jr as Paul Avery Crime Reporter for the newspaper Greysmith works for and Mark Ruffalo as Inspector David Toschi.

Most of the film was spent bringing to life old case reports and files of the events from the 60's and 70's. Downey Jr was great in his role of boozing and drug taking reporter, although I felt it wasn't really a stretch for him as I have seen him play this type of character again and again. The other two leads acted well and the film was quite good at building suspense.

Overall however I wouldn't rate it very high. It clocked in at 158mins and never really seemed to get anywhere. I know this is partly because the case is still open, but still for sitting through so long a film i wanted something at the end...

A low ** out of 5


Stephanie said...

Oh....Jake Gyllenhall (my main man. I mean come on....Donnie Darko??) AND Robert Downey, Jr. and it's not good??? That makes me sad!

Rhinoa said...

I know I love them both too.