Saturday, May 19, 2007

Magicians - Film

A film staring the guys from Peepshow Robert Webb, Karl and David Mitchell, Harry (also from the Mac and PC ads!). It follows two magicians after Harry's wife is killed in the middle of their act when a guillotine trick goes wrong and her head is cut off... Doubt is cast over whether or not it was accidental as just prior to the performance Harry had caught her in a very comprimising position with his best friend Karl.

Both stop working together and go on to lead their seperate lives until Harry decides to enter a magic competition and calls Karl to see if he will reform their act to win the prize of £20,000. Things don't go quite to plan and they end up entering seperately with new acts and new assistants.

I was expecting something a lot better to be honest. It wasn't funny enough or clever enough for my tastes. Granted there were some good lines, but most were shown on the trailer for it. Crude and little substance, I didn't fall for it's tricks.

**1/2 out of 5