Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I have been looking forward to seeing this since I first heard it was going ahead. We decided to go and see it today as it was our one year wedding anniversary yesterday and it wasn't being performed on Monday's. We paid for the second price tickets as they are reduced with it being on preview for a few weeks.

It's a hard musical to review. As musicals go, it was aweful. The songs weren't memorable (being that they were Tolkien's poetry I guess it isn't surprising), I can't hum a single tune and I only got home frmo seeing it an hour ago. Gandallf was awful, he talked too fast and just didn't seem to have got into the role. Galadriels costume was terrible, she looked like Shirley Bassey or someone... They also missed out a lot of the plot like the Rohirrin, Tom Bombadil, Worntongue, Faramir and it jumped around a fair bit. The elves were laughable in general. When they spoke they did a sort of sign language which had me giggling and imitating it. Oh and the Balrog looked like a big bat...

On the plus side, the set was truely amazing and visually it was a stunning piece of theatre. The lighting likewise. The movements and dance of the ensemble and the way they danced/acted the battles was beautiful. The Orcs and Gollum were particularly impressive. A couple of the songs were really beautiful, particularly one that Sam and Frodo did by themselves. Shelob was very cool as well as the Black Riders with their steeds and the Ents with their stilts, I loved the way they were brought to life and done to such great scale.

Overall, I would recommend seeing it for yourself. It's long and the seats are uncomfortable so be warned. Try viewing it as a theatre production rather than a musical.

* out of 5 as a musical

**** out of 5 as a performance


Kailana said...

I wanted to see this last month on my trip, but now I am glad I saw "Phantom of the Opera" as my own broadway play.

Literary Feline said...

How disappointing! I don't know if I will try and see this if it ever makes it's way near me. I do love musicals though.

Daisy Cat said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. I was unsure whether to see this or not, may what until it settles in a little!