Friday, May 18, 2007

Jools Holland - Gig

Tonight we went to see Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra. I have watched his show a couple of times and was interested to see him because he is a fantastic pianist. It's fun to go to gigs sometimes when the music is a bit different from what you usually listen to.

I have to say, we both really enjoyed our evening (me more so being more musical and having played paino, violin, guitar, bass guitar and oboe when I was younger). The music was outstanding and the atmosphere was great. I got some very odd looks from the man sitting next to me though. We were younger than most people there (23 and 28) and I have a lot of piercings, it's a shame as judging someone by their outward appearence to that degree is pathetic.

He started the show with more blues inspiried numbers which focused on his piano skills with solos from the different sections of the (mostly brass) backing band/orchestra. The second part was more upbeat that you could boogie to with a couple of excellent singers. I texted my dad and Alex's dad saying they should definately go and see him another time as I think they would both really enjoy his style.

An excellent night which really highlighted my love of all different types of music. It's not the sort of show I would go to often, but I definately recommend catching him if he is near you and you like a bit of blues and swing.

**** out of 5