Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bookless May 17, 2007

Booking Through Thursday

It happens even to the best readers from time to time… you close the cover on the book you’re reading and discover, to your horror, that there’s nothing else to read. Either there’s nothing in the house, or nothing you’re in the mood for. Just, nothing that “clicks.” What do you do?? How do you get the reading wheels turning again?

Nothing in the house? That will never happen! I have over 1400 books and have about 800 or so to read... I do have the problem though that sometimes when I finish a book I don't know what to read next. It happens more often when I have been reading a long series of books and I finish the last one. I have that "oh what now?" feeling. I scan my shelves and nothing leaps out at me.

The best cure is to have a day or two before starting something new. I can get the series out of my head and make room for something new. The other way to help jump start my reading is to read something in a completely different genre from the previous book or series. If all else fails there is the option of re-reading a book I loved in the past. This gets me enjoying what I am reading again and fires me up to try something I haven't read before.

Like everyone I sometimes go through phases where I stop reading for a while, but it never lasts too long. I have always loved reading and I derive great pleaseure from it, so ultimately it's easy enough to get the reading wheels turning again :)


Melody said...

Hi Rhinoa! I'm like "WOW!" after reading your reply. 1400 books!!! That's a huge amount, LOL! Happy reading and Happy BTT!

Literary Feline said...

Mixing up genres or book types helps me too--or stepping away from my reading for a short while. I hadn't really thought of it, but you are right. At the end of a series, especially if I've read several books from the series in a row, I'm not ready to move on right away.

Alice said...

Goodness me! You have over 1,400 books?! WOW!! I wonder how long it'll take me to accumulate that many books... Happy weekend!