Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Today I visited the Victoria and Albert Museum in London for the first time finally today with my friend. We stayed on the first floor only as there was such a crazy mish-mash of stuff to see. We saw artwork in various forms from China, Japan and Europe. There was a range of sculpture, paintings, tapestries, pottery, furniture etc. Afterwards we went to a beautiful Catholic church and I lit a candle for my gran to keep her safe and sound. There are some photos below of random stuff from the museum.

Eve Sculpture:

Bodhisattva from China:

A Music Book with a section carved out to fit a Necklace:

A funky light on the ceiling in the cafe:

A Piano Key Dress:


Once Upon a Time Challenge said...

Great pics. I especially like the Eve sculpture and the book with the necklace embedded in it. Very cool.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Oops, that was me, by the way.

Rhinoa said...

Thanks, they were my favourites too! I hated the idea of cutting up a book, but the effect was really beautiful so I let it slide :)