Sunday, April 15, 2007

Perfect Stranger - Film

This film follows Rowena (Halle Berry) who writes for a newspaper using a male psuedonym as she uses various alias's to uncover corrupt businessmen and expose them in the paper with the help of Miles (Giovanni Ribisi who you might know as Phoebes half brother in Friends). An old friend Grace approaches her with a lead on advertising executive Harrison Hill (Bruce Willis) who is well known for his extra-marital affairs. After Grace is found murdered, Rowena feels she has no choice but to investigate Hill.

Billed as a sexy thriller, I enjoyed this film a lot more than I was expecting! I went to see it as it fitted in with my timetable and even though I am not really big into thrillers I went along with an open mind. The plot twists and turns with three main suspects in Grace's death as well as a cameo appearence from Gary Dourdan who plays Warick in CSI Vegas. Ribisi is excellent in this role as best friend/genius/stalker and adds an extra dimension to the film. Berry and Willis are excellent as always and the film really builds the tension throughout. The only let down for me was the random addition of nudity that didn't seem neccessary and I couldn't take Berry seriously when she swore for some reason!

The end twist was a big shock to me which is unusual as I can usually figure them out. I look forward to watching more films by director James Foley.

**** out of 5