Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Namesake - Film

A beautiful film with a lovely soundtrack set half in America and half in Calcutta, India. It follows the fortunes of two people from India who marry and move to America where they have a son and daughter (who count as American). The son is named Gogol by his father after his favourite Russian author. Gogal doesn't find out the true meaning his father attached to his name until he brings his white, American girlfriend home to meet his family for the first time.

I enjoyed this film that looks at what happens when two cultures and age groups collide. The scenes in India were beautiful and has made me want to visit even more. The funeral and wedding ceremonies both look beautiful and I would love to learn the symbolism behind the different flowers, colours and gestures they do. I guess it classifies as a drama and doesn't have much action in it, so if that's your things give this one a miss. I might look out for the soundtrack.

*** out of 5