Sunday, April 15, 2007

Meet the Robinsons - Film

The fab new Disney film that follows orphan inventor Lewis as he is rejected by yet another possible family. His obsession with inventing puts couples off adopting him, especially as all of his inventions fail. The last straw comes when he enters a science fair and his invention fails again. The difference with the incident at the science fair is that his invention was sabotaged by the bowler hat man and his hat which is an independent creature.

The story is fun with enough laughs to keep adults entertained as well as children. The twist at the end is fairly obvious to older viewers, but will keep the kids entertained. The part from the preview with the dinosaur who is unable to sieze Lewis but can't as he has "a big head and little arms" is just as funny even when you know it is coming! There is less focus on the songs and it follows a different pattern to traditional Disney. The music nonetheless is great though and was written by the talented Danny Elfman (how he finds the time to write scores for so many films and shows I will never know!). The ending is happy but not sickly sweet happy which fitted the rest of the story well.

If you have kids use them as an excuse. If like me you don't, go anyway and brave out the odd looks from cinema staff and parents!

***1/2 out of 5