Sunday, April 01, 2007

March Summary

So I have been doing 101 things to do it 1001 and one days. A few of the things on my list are things I need to do every month so I won't be able to cross them off until the end of the challenge. Here is how I am doing so far:

4) To save £50 per month - I have been saving the DJ money we make at the moment which covers this. I can't afford to start saving from my main salary yet, hopefully after we get our own place.

18) Read at least one fiction book a month - Done!

19) Read at least one magical book a month - Done!

20) Go swimming at least twice a month - I went twice only this month, so just about done.

21) To see at least 2 films in the cinema a month - I saw 6 this month.

34) Craft something at least once a month - I made a birthday card.

54) Keep a written diary at least once a week - I keep two for different reasons and have written in at least one of them every week so far.

55) Pull a tarot card a day - Done!

74) Recycle regularly - Doing it, saving all paper, glass and cans to take with us when we go shopping.

86) Watch at least 50 of the Time 100 Greatest Films of all Time - So far I have only seen 9 of these, will try and watch a couple more in April.

87) Read at least half of The Guardian’s 100 Greatest Books of all Time - I am now read 9 of these so getting there... Also in the middle of number 10.

101) Remember to send a card in time for all family members and close friends - So far so good!

The other challenge I am doing is to read 8 books by authors I haven't read before and so far I have read 3 off my list.

One other challenge I am doing it to read 50 books this year and so far I have read 22 so getting there.