Sunday, April 08, 2007

An inspiring book from the author of The Moon Garden. This novel follows 39 year old Zena after a significant break-up with the man she thought was her last chance at having a family and children. She moves to Brittany to try to rebuild her life by painting and exploring the sacred sites there, even though she deliverately moves to an area that has strong associations with her ex.

Whilst living in Brittany she meets a cast of characters with very human strengths and weaknesses (in some cases their weaknesses become their strengths). Erin and her brother Llewellyn are perhaps two of the most interesting. Hints about their past and upbringing are provided but no real information so you are left to draw your own conclusions as to why they deal with life in two very different ways. The calm yet very reserved Erin reads tarot on the side (more psychology based than future telling) of her jewellry making and Zena visits her a number of times for advice and guidance. The questions remains, can Zena truely move on and follow her own path and leave behind the tarot card The Five of Cups.

The most enjoyable parts of this book were the very real characters and the scenery Mewes describes. I wanted happy endings for everyone, especially Zena. I was holding my breath near the end and was pleasantly surprised! Her books appeal to everyone of all ages who has been in love or been loved. If you don't know this author you should definately go and read her books which can be found at here and direct from the publishers at Red Dog Books

***** out of 5


BookRat said...

Sounds interesting - another one to add to the ever increasing list! :)

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