Saturday, April 07, 2007

Blades of Glory - Film

I loved this film! It had me laughing along with everyone else in the cinema. It stars Will Ferrell as Chazz Michael Michaels and Jon Heder as Jimmy MacElroy playing two competing figure skaters with very different styles and upbringings. When they both tie for the Gold medal they get in a fight on live television at the awards ceremony and hence both get banned from male figure skating for life. An obsessed stalker of Jimmy's finds a loophole in the rules that says they are only banned from their event and are still eligable for pairs figure skating. The only problem is their hate for each other and that there has never been an all male figure skating pair before...

The laughs are often and it somehow manages to not be too cheesy. The villians (rival American brother and sister team) are excellent and Luke Wilson makes a cameo as a sex addict therapist to Chazz. The costumes are fantastic (got to love that spandex), I particularly loved Jimmy's peacock costume complete with tail feathers at the beginning. The routines were great too and took me back to when I was younger and me and my sister used to watch the finals.

Suitable for everyone, I dare you not to laugh at least 3 times! **** out of 5.