Sunday, April 01, 2007

Avenue Q - Theatre

Saw this tonight as part of my husbands birthday celebrations. We have been meaning to go and see this for ages as it looked really fun and this seemed like a great excuse to go. It is a musical with a mixture of puppets and humans (they are quick to point out they are not related to Jim Henson or Sesame Street - to avoid a law suit I imagine) with one who is gay, one looking for love, Gary Coleman ("What you talking about Willis?"), a Japanese lady, a monster who loves porn and an adult entertainment singer. Filled with swearing, puppet sex and a song about everyone being a bit racist, it isn't for those easily offended...

Really good fun though and after a little bit you focus more on the puppets than the humans controlling them and doing the singing. Fun stories, although I didn't like the ending. It even had Naoko Mori who was in Torchwood and Absolutely Fabulous in it as the Japanese lady. We managed to meet the cast afterwards and get our programmes signed (as per usual, I am such a stalker!).

Good for a laugh, not your usual musical. I give it **** out of 5.