Thursday, March 08, 2007

This story follows the Ramsey family and their guests at their second house in St Ives. It is split into three distinct parts: pre-War, during the War and post-War. It looks at the effects of the War and the relationships between men and woman and parent and child.

The first part looks mostly at Mrs Ramsey and Lily Briscoe and their relationships with the other characters in the story (the one between Mr and Mrs Ramsey is particularly interesting). In the middle section Mrs Ramsey has suddenly died along with two of her children (the brightest, Andrew, was killed suddenly by a shell fighting in the War). The final section is back at the house with Lily and Mr Ramsey being the central characters.

This is mostly autobiographical and I liked Lily as a character with her painting and not marrying. I enjoyed this book, but not sure I would read it again. Perhaps another time I will read some of the critical notes on it to gain a bit more of an insight into the characters.

***1/2 out of 5