Saturday, March 31, 2007

Becoming Jane - Film

This film is based on Jane Austin's life and stars Anne Hathaway (Brokeback Mountain and The Devil Wears Prada) as the central character. The main love interest Tom Lefoy is played by James McAvoy (Started for Ten and The Last King of Scotland) who I really liked. It follows Jane and her family as Jane is proposed to by a Mr Darcy like character and meets a Mr Wickham type character (Tom). Hard choices are faced and big decisions need to be made both by Jane and her sister Cassandra.

Unlike a lot of films in Hollywood, it doesn't really have a happy ending. It was an ok film, more for Austin fans and definately a chick flick. It tried to do for Austin what Shakespear in Love did for Shakespear, but doesn't quite get it right. I got quite a few of the references to her novels and probably the best thing about this film was it made me want to get her complete book of novels as I have only read Pride and Prejudice. I guess this mean it succeeded in what it set out to!

*** out of 5 overall.