Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Tempest - Play

We went to this this production by the RSC last night staring Patrick Stewart as Prospero. I hadn't read the play so made sure I read the EndNotes online so I could keep up with it on stage as the language can be a little confusing sometimes live when said quickly.

It was a fantastic performance with a wonderful set. It was done up in Artic conditions with lots of fake snow which Ariel used in one of his spells. The music was haunting and had an Inuit feel to it being sung by Ariel and 3 Goddess/Spirits The story was easy to follow and the acting superb. I am told Ariel is usually played by a spritely female, but this worked really well as a tall, thin, death like creature (pictured above with Prospero) who walked slowly through the background influening others as Prospero directed.

We saw Anthony and Cleopatra with the same company last month and it was good to see them in different roles. I enjoyed this performance much more and the first half had some great comedy moments with some bare bottom male nudity! Miranda wasn't my favourite as she seemed a little more focused on projecting her voice than acting but she was much better in the second half. There was also a beautiful blessing that was just like a Handfasting ceremony that the spirits performed for Miranda and Ferdinand. The best part was meeting most of the cast afterwards and getting them to sign my programme, even the wonderful Patrick Stewart!!!

I highly recommend seeing this play if you are in London, it renewed our love for Shakespere and going to the theatre.

****1/2 out of 5