Sunday, March 25, 2007

These tales were first published in 1835 and the edition I have has more than 80 of his stories in it translated into quaint Victorian English The edition I have also contains some beautiful fine ink drawings by A.W. Bayes.

They are interesting tales and are a lot sadder than I was expecting. I know fairy tales are often much more gruesome than is expected, but some of these were heart wrenching, particularly The Little Sea-Maid. Some of the tales were a bit random and one or two didn't make a lot of sense, but for the most part I really enjoyed them, despite a lot of the endings!

My favourites were: The Travelling Companion, The Little Sea-Maid, The Hardy Tin Soldier, The Wild Swans, The Snow Queen, The Flax and The Shadow. I am not sure though that I would read them to a young child, just because some of the endings are so sad that it might upset them. I can't wait to get around to reading the tales by The Brothers Grimm, Angela Carter and Jack Zipes!

**** out of 5