Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Number 23 - Film

Starring Jim Carey and Virginia Madsen, this psychological thriller follows Walter Sparrow when he is given a mysterious book by his wife on his birthday called The Number 23. It tells the story of Fingerling who is a detective in a film noir style that ends up killing the woman he loves and framing her new lover. Fingerling develops an obsession with the number 23 and starts to see it everywhere. He sees it just as 23 and then he starts to see patterns where the letters in his name add up to 23 etc.

The story starts to get intense as Walter recognises ideas from the story as being familiar from his own life and the number 23 starts to crop up everywhere from his birthday on February 3rd, his house number, his name etc. The story becomes more complicated with the addition of NED the dog who guards the dead and a girl who was murdered but her body was never found.

I enjoyed this film and loved the psycholoical aspects. Carey was really good playing Walter and Fingerling and I loved the tattoos he had whilst playing the detective. The twist at the end I wasn't so sure about, it seemed a bit random and whilst the rest was relatively believable the ending wasn't which let it down.

*** out of 5