Friday, March 09, 2007

Nine Inch Nails - Gig

I am a massive fan of NIN and was overjoyed when a friend called with a spare ticket to last nights gig. I hadn't got one as I saw them on their last tour and am skint. I found some money from somewhere and set off to Brixton in my little black top and dark eye make up (customary uniform for NIN fans).

The support sounded good but the people I was with wanted to stay near the bar outside so I didn't get a proper look at them sadly. Some songs sounded a bit like a more electronic Placebo. I coundn't help but jiggle along as far back as I was.

For NIN we moved inside and positioned ourselves on the left looking at the stage about a third of the way back. One friend ran staight off to the front but I stayed further back so I could have a good view and not get squished. They played an amazing set (very similar to last time but with a couple of new songs). My favourites were Sin, Terrible Lie, Hurt, Something I can never have, The Hand that Feeds and Head Like a Hole. Trent seemed to have more power this time around and be more into the music. He was covered in sweat by the end of it (well what do you expect wearing a thick jumper over a thick long sleaved top...) and the other band members seemed to be having a great time as well jumping about. As before the lighting was simple and subdued really adding to the atmosphere, especially the slower songs like Hurt and Something I can never have.

All in all a fantastic night out (apart from the random guy I threatened to smack as he kept feeling me up grr). Beg, borrow or steal a ticket to see them on this tour!

***** out of 5