Saturday, March 31, 2007

I Want Candy - Film

The fantastic British comedy (unfairly compared to the far inferior American Pie) about two film students who set out to make a film called The Love Story and end up making a porn film of the same name staring the famous porn actress Candy Fiveways (Carmen Electra - Epic Movie and The Scary Movie series). Jimmy Carr (British comedien) pops up as a video store employee and Mackenzie Crook (The Office and Pirates of the Carribean).

This is a great film and although it deals with the dodgy side of the porn industry, there is no nudity in it (sorry boys). The actors who play the students are all great and I look forward to seeing more films with the three of them in. The story is fun and it is funny without being too much of a slapstick or gross out comedy which seem too popular these days. I recommend it to anyone with a sense of humour.

*** out of 5 and yes I want Candy!