Sunday, March 18, 2007

First published in 1726 this book tells the tale of four of Gulliver's travels.1) Voyage to Lilliput where the people are only 6 inches tall2) Voyage to Brobdingnag where the people are giants3) Voyage to Laputa (the floating island), Balinibarbi (full of people in pursuit of science) and Glubbdubdrib (a place filled with enchanters and sorcerers who can raise the dead)4) The country of the Houyhnhnms (horses that rule the island and can speak their own language) where Yahoos (humans in their unevolved state) live as slaves.

It was a strange book. Gulliver really doesn't think much of lawyers, politicians and the role of woman in society besides being wives. He also spent a little too much time talking about excrement and other bodily functions. I also wasn't impressed with his attitude to the people in Brobdingnag who refused to learn about gunpowder and the art of war as our "civilised" country does it. I felt the most sorry for his poor wife and children, expecially when he returned from his last voyage.

It was an ok read, but I doubt I would read it again. It wasn't particularly well written and sadly didn't really engage me. I know it isn't to be taken literally and is more an allegory, but it still didn't really appeal.

** out of 5


Literary Feline said...

Thank you for the review! I have been curious about Gulliver's Travels, although never have taken the time to look closely at it. It doesn't sound like something I will rush out and read.