Friday, March 30, 2007

Catch and Release - Film

Starring Jennifer Garner as the main character Gray who is coping with the death of her fiance on his stag-do. Luckily she has her friends to help her cope, played by Sam Jaeger and Kevin Smith (I love him even though he pretty much plays himself). Things take a turn for the worse when she finds a mobile phone her fiance had that she knew nothing about and his bank accounts don't add up. It seems she is only able to get to know him, and herself, once he has died. Spending time with Fitz (Timothy Olyphant) also adds to Grey's confusion and at the same time is the most healing influence on her.

I loved this film and will definately be buying it when it is out on dvd. It's funny how some films just touch you and you fall in love with them, without really knowing why. For me, this is one like Chasing Amy (funnily enough directed by Kevin Smith) and Almost Famous. It's also not a film you need to see in the cinema, it will translate really well to the small screen unlike something like 300. The acting is spot on and it is filmed beautifully. Juliette Lewis also stars in it about half way through and she is one of my favourite actresses.

Not for everyone, but personally I give it ***** out of 5