Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The new musical based on the Gregory Maguire book of the same name, not officially out in the UK until the 27th of September is running previews at the moment. So far I have been to see it twice! Once on my birthday on Monday (in the very cheap seats) and once today (in the most expensive seats 6 rows from the front right in the middle - sat by the guy who wrote the music and lyrics and the lady who wrote all the dialogue no less!!!).

A wonderful musical I highly recommend to anyone of any age. The music was amazing and the cast perfect. You can find out more details at Wicked the Musical.

The night of my birthday I stood outside the stage door and met pretty much all of the cast (baring Boc, The Wizard and Doctor Dillamond - but I am going to see it again next Wednesday so I will hopefully meet them then!) and got Adam Garcia (Coyote Ugly) to give me a birthday kiss on the cheek :) :) :)

Jack Black stars in this film depicting the life of a Mexican Monk whose dream is to become a wrestler. He is spurred on by the monastary not having the money to buy proper food to feed the orphans they look after. He is aided by Sister Encarnacion (a visiting nun) and Esqueleto (a street beggar).

It isn't really funny enough to be a comedy despite Black's best efforts (he should win an award for funniest eyebrows!). The acting from all is flawless, but I felt the story and dialogue wasn't up to scratch.

Not a great film, but I have seen worse. I would wait for this to come out on dvd rather than rush to see it. Jack Black fans will probably love it (although I didn't sadly). Perhaps I went expecting too much?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Robert Downey Junior and Woody Harrelson star in this film based on a novel by Philip K Dick (he also did the books Blade Runner and Minority Report were based on). It follows a group of drugs addicts set 7 years in the future as they deal with addiction and undercover operatives.

The actors did the film in real time, but then animation was put over the top which gives a fantastic effect which works really well with the surreal, drugs fuelled plotline.

Robert Downey Junior steals every scene he is in and is sadly phazed out towards the end of the film. Quite a hard film to watch in places (not nearly as much so as Sin City though and I preferred this by far), I loved it. I see this one becomming a less well known cult classic as it hasn't been realsed that widely.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Vince Vaugn and Jennifer Aniston star as a couple going through a nasty break-up. They are living together and a fight ensues over who gets to keep the apartment they have bought together. The beginning is lovely, during the opening credits you see a series of photos of the two of them together as their relationship progresses and them falling in love. Sadly when the film starts it is the beginning of the end!!!

The supporting cast are really good (speical mention to Joey Lauren Adams from Chasing Amy as Jennifer's best friend and John Micharl Higgins as her exceedingly camp brother) and the film captures what a break up is really like. It isn't too smaltzy at the end but an outcome that pleases all.

Well acted again and Vince gets to do some improvisation with Jennifer responding well. More of a chick flick, perhaps not the best choice for a first date due to it being about the end of a relationship...

Starring Evan Rachel Wood as main character Kimberly Joyce, this film is a cross between Clueless and Heathers. Three very different girls team up and accuse one of the teachers at their school of sexually abusing them. A reporter (Jane Krakowski - Elaine from Ally McBeal) happens to be doing a piece on the school at the time and so it hits the news big time. Well acted and well scripted, it is a very non-pc black comedy.

Definately having a cinema pass and seeing films like this that I hadn't heard of is paying off!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

The follow up to The Black Pearl staring Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Kiera Knightly and Bill Nighy as Davey Jones. It is set a couple of years after the first film and is very in keeping with humour, action and adventure. Jack Sparrow is trying to find the key (and then the chest itself) that opens the chest of Davey Jones. Legend has it that he ripped out his still beating heart and sealed it away (something to do with a woman that isn't fully explained). If you destroy the heart, you destroy him. Will and Elizabeth are being held prisoner for helping Jack and to win their freedom Will is charged with bringing back Jack's compass (used in the first film) that points to what you most desire. All manner of double dealings and sword fights ensue as the 3 of them come together once more. Not as good as the first one, but definately worth seeing. The effects are fantastic and the great one liners flow thick and fast. Elizabeth isn't in it as much as I would have liked as she has a very strong character and the length (2.5 hours) is felt near the end. It ends on a cliff hanger to ensue you go and see the third installment next year...

This one gets * * * too!

The latest film from Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. This is a romantic drama, light on the comedy. The idea is that the two main characters have lived in the same house 2 years apart. Something happens and they are able to write letters to each other using the "magic mailbox" in front of the house. Sandra is fairly isolated and Keanu has issues with his father so having someone to write to gives them the closeness they are both looking for. Really well acted and some lovely scenes. Moving in places without being too corny. The only down side is that you need to not question the whole letter box part. The movie offers no explanations which is good as I don't think they could come up with something believable and letting it go lets you gloss over it whilst watching it.

I would give it * * *

Quick Hello!

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