Friday, December 09, 2011

12 in 12 Reading Challenge

I've been thinking about this challenge for a little while and what I want to do about joining. It's hosted at LibraryThing here and I really like that you can pretty much do whatever you want structure wise. I looked at a lot of interesting challenges and figured the best thing to do would be combine all of them in this one sort of...! What I am proposing to do is read 12 books in each of the following categories :

1. Vampires
2. Werewolves
3. Witches/Sorceresses
4. Faeries/Fair Folk
5. Wizards/Mages/Magician's
6. Other Shapeshifters excluding Werewolves
7. Angels and Demons
8. Steampunk
9. Ghosts and Spirits
10. Humans with Special Powers e.g. telekinesis, mind reading etc
11. Psychics/Clairevoyants/Mediums
12. Other Supernatural eg Succubus/Incubus etc

The twist will be that a single book can fit into more than one category. For example a Sookie Stackhouse book could potentially fit into 1, 2, 4, 5, 10 and 12. Some books will only fit one category, but others could potentially be all 12. This means I will be reading anywhere between 12 and 144 books. Make sense? I am also not going to pick out what I read beforehand, just see where my supernatural reading takes me.

Anyway I'm looking forward to starting in January once I finish up a couple of challenges this year. I have one more challenge book and then I'm all done for 2011.