Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fairy Tale Films

I’ve been doing the Fairy Tale Challenge which was to watch or read 12 fairy tale inspired books or movies. I ended up watching quite a few films for this and thought I would do a quick review of them all here

1. Alice - A television drama shown on SyFy based on Alice in Wonderland

An original mini series where Alice is a young woman who follows her boyfriend into a fantasy world and discovers Wonderland is not what we remember from the children's novel. I thought this was really imaginative and I hope it's repeated again. It was a fun mix of sic-fi and fantasy and a new twist on a well known story.

2. Tangled - Disney film based on Rapunzel

The question is how to make Rapunzel a Disney Princess and this was achieved by having her stolen from her parents, the King and Queen, as a baby by Mother Gothel. Her hair has magic powers that restore youth and beauty which is why she was taken. Awesome film, I loved the humour and that Rapunzel is a heroine able to look after herself for the most part.

3. Fern Gully - Animated film looking at pollution in forests

Human Zak gets shrunk while cutting down trees in the forest and meets fairy Crysta and they band together to defeat the evil Hexxus (a monster made of pollution). Fairy magic must prevail I can't believe this was the first time I watched this. A delightful film and I love that Tim Curry is the voice of Hexxus.

4. The Last Unicorn - Based on the book by Peter S Beagle

My favourite all time film. Peter S Beagle wrote the screenplay too and it follows the last Unicorn in the world as she searches for what happened to the rest of her kind. Magician's, a Witch, mythical creatures, a Hero and an evil King. This has everything you need if you are a fairytale addict. Watch the film and read the book immediately.

5. My Neighbour Totoro - Ghibli anime about two young girls and a nature spirit

When Satsuki and Mei's mother is ill they move into the countryside with their father. Mei meets nature spirit Totoro and they have adventures on a Cat Bus. One of the most adorable films ever.

6. Red Riding Hood - Based on the fairy tale of the same name

Twilight director turns her hand to Red Riding Hood and puts her magic love triangle to the more traditional tale. The wolf is a werewolf that raids a forest village and when Valerie's sister is killed things really get going. I really liked it, it's dark and moody and I didn't figure out who the werewolf was which is very unlike me.

7. Beastly - Based on Beauty and the Beast

Terrible terrible modern take on Beauty and the Beast, Avoid at all costs!

8. Arrietty - Ghibli film based on The Borrows by Mary Norton

The newest Ghibli film which makes The Borrowers Japanese and English at the same time. The Borrowers are little people living under a house in the country and when Sho goes to stay with his grandmother (he is ill with a heart problem) he discovers them. Unfortunately he isn't the only one.


Susan said...

What a good list, Rhinoa! My daughter has seen Tangled, I haven't yet (we're going to buy it soon), I loved the Alice series so much that I want it, and we now own a copy of The Last Unicorn, we enjoyed watching it so much a few years ago. I may try Red Riding Hood for RIP.

soleil said...

Red Riding Hood was really good. I thought Amanda Seyfried did a great job. Fun challenge!

Rhinoa said...

Susan - Tangled is really fun, even my husband enjoyed it. Red Riding Hood would be great for RIP. Might ask for a blu-ray copy for my birthday next month

Stephanie said...

I loved Tangled too! And wholeheartedly agree with Beastly. Dreadful film. My girls wanted to see it though. Love that u choose so many movies!

Jill said...

My kids and I adore Totoro! I'm hoping to see Red Riding Hood soon - I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.